Sleep better.
Feel better. Live better.

Defeat insomnia and start sleeping well again.

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Finding it difficult to easily
fall asleep in minutes?

Insomnia, stress, and anxiety getting the better of you at bedtime?
This app is on a mission to make sleepless nights a distant memory.

Your sleeping quality determines how energized and sharp you feel, and everything
seems easier after a long, deep sleep.
Feel like yourself again with the relaxing SLEEP app.

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Can’t sleep? Our slow-paced stories with a range of relaxing
narrators will defeat any anxiety and insomnia to quickly lull
you off into sweet sleeping slumber.

Listen to the extract!


A. Gencheva story marmaid
Story by A. Gencheva

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From deep sleep music, to soothing rain sounds, to the
peace of nature, customize your perfect combination
to act as your natural sleep aid.


Customize your nap sound

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Sleep Scenes Sleep Scenes

Get cozy at the crackling fireside or take a stroll by the breezy
harbor. Let the day’s stress slowly disappear with calming,
relaxing, and beautifully animated scenes and sleep sounds.

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